The Magic of a Raw Deal
My name is Kat, 20, and I'm a graphic design major.

Things I post: Hetalia. Homestuck. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Yaoi/Yuri. Vampire Diaries. Secret Circle. Glee. Harry Potter. Supernatural. Horse back riding/horses. Animals. Art. Marvel/DC stuff.

Just expect a bunch of random shit on here. Also Queen Elsa is my spirit animal.


Meet Vixey.

She was rescued as a puppy from a fur farm. If she’d stayed there, like millions of other foxes, she would have been anally or vaginally electrocuted to become part of a fur coat for companies like INTERMIX

Fur-bearing animals, like foxes, are no different from the dogs & cats we live with and love. If we don’t stop their slaughter, no one will.

On behalf of Vixey, please sign and share our INTERMIX fur-free petition